SAGIGA Clean Water Services Company – Ultimate Solution to Your Clean Water Needs


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Sagiga Clean Water Services Investment is a company that you can rely on if you are looking for 100% clean water in Nairobi and its environs. Given the need and importance of consuming clean water, ranging from survival to prevention of water-borne diseases, you need a company like SAGIGA. It is only a call away if you need clean water. It also offers transport services countrywide and exhauster services too.
Here is a highlight of our services.

  • Clean water ready to drink 24/7
  • Water for construction
  • Tank refills
  • Tank cleaning
  • Easy tranport
  • Effective exhauster services


Here are the details of the services that you can expect from Sagiga Clean Water Services Investment

Sagiga Clean Water Services in Nairobi

Clean Water Services

Access to clean and reliable drinking water is the dream of each and everyone. As SAGIGA Clean Water Services Company, we are dedicated to ensuring that you, as our customer, will have access to clean water.

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Transport Services

Are you planning to move out, and you looking for a reliable transportation and logistics company? Then worry no more.
SAGIGA Investments is here to ensure that you and your goods are moved most securely and conveniently as possible.
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Exhauster Services

Overflowing sewer cause inconvenience. Once it happens, contact SAGIGA Investments for exhauster services, and that will be sorted out fast and restore things in order again.

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Call: +254 722857154
+254 720835261

Location: Nairobi and its environs