Why Us for Transport Services?

Transportation of goods is very sensitive, that’s why you will need a reliable transportation company like Sagiga investments that will take care of all your goods during transit. Our company is experienced in moving goods and services and in case of any delay such as an accident or any other issue, we will let you know and solve the issue amicably to ensure your goods are delivered in a good time.

Another reason you should choose Sagiga investments for transportation services is that we are dedicated to more reliable customer services, in case you have any query, problem or issue, we have a customer care service line that will ensure that your issues are looked into, and the best feedback is given to you in the shortest time possible. Our lorries will carry all kinds of goods, such as household items, construction materials, and other forms of goods.

In case you are moving out to a new location, contact us, our lorries are enclosed at the top, and this will guarantee the safety of your goods, especially the household items during moving out. Our tipper lorries will take care of moving all your construction materials. Hence you will not worry about looking for people to unload construction materials such as sand, gravels, and construction stones. Sagiga investments are time-oriented and always ensure that your deliveries are made in time. In case of any delay caused by unavoidable circumstances, we will let you know and alert you on the expected delivery time.

Choose Sagiga as your transport choice, and you will never regret choosing us.

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