Our Services

At Sagiga Clean water services, we offer the following services.

Clean Water Services

Water is life. Additionally, access to clean and reliable drinking water is the dream of each and every person. As SAGIGA Clean Water Services Company, we are dedicated to ensuring that you, as our customer, will have access to clean water. From harvesting, transportation, and storage, we always ensure that we maintain the highest standards of water cleanliness. Hence, you are guaranteed that the clean water we supply is absolutely safe and fit for human consumption and domestic use. Are you in need of clean water? If yes, just reach us via our number. Once you do so, we will deliver clean water to your premises using our state-of-the-art water tankers. They are inspected and have passed the quality tests. Consequently, they are permitted to transport clean water to you without a glitch. Whether you want water for construction, swimming pool, building, and road construction, SAGIGA Clean Water Services Company is the ultimate solution for clean water services in Nairobi.

Transport Services

Transport is also key. Are you planning to move out, and you looking for a reliable transportation and logistics company? Then worry no more. SAGIGA Investments is here to ensure that you and your goods are moved most securely and conveniently as possible. We are equipped with the best lorries to ensure your goods are moved most conveniently. Whether they are your household goods, construction items such as sand, cement, steel, and construction stones, at SAGIGA Investments, that will be taken care of hence leaving you with no worry on any logistic or transportation issue. We offer the above services at considerable prices to ensure you are not overcharged. Safety is our priority, and your goods will reach their destination safe and sound.

Exhauster Services

Exhauster services can solve the day. Overflowing sewer cause inconvenience. Once it happens, contact SAGIGA Investments for exhauster services, and that will be sorted out fast and restore things in order again. We offer exhaust services to homes, institutions, and government institutions at considerable prices. Our trucks can suck liquids, sludges, and transport them to disposal sites and sewage treatment sites. We also clean septic tanks and empty pit latrines hence promoting a healthy environment. That will curb diseases such as cholera and Diarrhoea. Don’t let your leaking sewer cause you sleepless nights. Simply call us and we will fix it.