Why Us for Clean Water Services?

Sagiga investments are dedicated to ensuring that you will get safe
and clean water for domestic use and other purposes. In our company,
we always ensure that we offer the best water solution to our customers by supplying them with the quantity and quality water.

Our lorries are well maintained, and this ensures that whenever you make an order, the delivery will take the shortest time possible to reach you. Cleanliness is the key to safe water. Our water tankers are cleaned thoroughly and hence ensuring that the water we deliver is safe for both human and animal consumption. Our company will provide soft water that has low concentrations of ions of calcium and magnesium.

Soft water has many benefits. For instance, it will not cause any form of stains on your clothes. Soft water will also lather quickly with soap and hence saving a lot of soap during cleaning. Another advantage is that it will not form scales in kettles or pipes when stored in these containers. Soft water also leads to healthier skin, and your home appliances such as kettles will last for long.

We have different lorries that have various capacities, and this will ensure you will get enough water for construction, domestic use, and other uses. Having clean water will ensure that you and your family are protected from water-borne diseases that are brought by consuming contaminated water. At Sagiga investments, we deliver fresh and pure water to shield you from these diseases. During construction especially during the
construction of slabs a floor a lot of water is needed and constant water supply is required.

At Sagiga, we always ensure that we do speedy and reliable water delivery services to your construction site to avoid any form of delays in construction due to lack of water. After harvesting our water, we always ensure that we purify our water by eliminating both the visible and the non-visible particles that are present in water and hence delivering to our customer water that is safe and fit for human and animal consumption.

Are you in need of emergency water services, contact Sagiga, we always do speedy and
quick deliveries to your location thanks to our dedicated team that is always up to the task. We have the best customer care services that will receive your query with confidentiality and look into the issue and act accordingly, and this has enabled us to maintain our strong customer relationships. In case of any compensation, we always ensure that it is done in time to avoid any form of inconvenience to our customers.

We have supplied water to homes, churches, schools, colleges, universities, and other private and public institutions, and you have every reason to believe in us. Constructing a swimming pool? We will deliver water to you. We respond to emails and calls within the shortest time possible, and in case of an emergency, we always have a standby team that is always ready to act swiftly and deliver water within the blink of an eye.

Contact Sagiga investment today for Clean water services, and you will live to love our services.

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